Quick facts on what will happen when Philadelphia “reopens”

The projected date for philly to move to the yellow phase is this Friday, so what will happen if city officials decide it’s safe enough to do so? Here is what we know:

-food trucks, walk-up service restaurants are able to open

-outdoor youth day camps and parks are able to open

-childcare centers that do not need waivers and can open as long as there is frequent sanitization

-childcare staff is required to wear face masks, however children are not (it is still highly recommended they do, especially if they over the age of 2)

-office-based businesses, banks, car sales, manufacturing/warehouse operations and real estate activities can resume

-barber shops and hair salons are permitted to open up the week after, on June 22

-for schools’ reopening policies, please see our article about this: https://6abc.com/education/pa-schools-can-reopen-in-person-teaching-on-july-1-officials/6229140/

This information is from: https://6abc.com/society/heres-whats-reopening-when-philly-moves-to-yellow-phase/6227408/

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