Starting July 1st, PA schools in the yellow and green phase can open for in-person teaching

Teaching can resume in yellow and green schools, starting July 1st, the Education Department said this morning.

These schools MUST have a health and safety plan for re opening that coheres with federal and state guidelines. Each plan must be submitted to the State Education Department.

“Schools will have to identify a pandemic coordinator, ensure those at higher risk of infection are protected, monitor for symptoms, limit large gatherings, issue hygiene guidelines and address cleaning, face masks, social distancing,” according to 6abc.

These requirements do not apply to private schools, however it is recommended they adhere to these suggestions.

In addition, colleges, universities, trade schools, and other post- secondary education institutions may also re open in the yellow and green phase, as long as they follow the social distancing policies and the federal and state standards for testing, and to contain the spread of infection.

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